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Monday, December 13, 2010

Letting It Go !

   Part of letting go, is knowing when to let it go. "It" could be anything , a relationship, a job or an addiction. with the new year coming in , I challenge my readers to let "It" go , the one thing that's had you uptight or out of character, depressed or angry. sometimes we tend to hold on to things because they make us feel good or it makes us forget the things we don't want to remember. So here's to the new year ! and letting "It" all go !

Thursday, December 2, 2010


      I know we've all been in love at one time or another, weather we want to admit it or not.

    But has anyone truly analyzed  the subject ? why does it make us so crazy ? have you ever been with the one you love and an expression on their face makes your heart gasp?, or when your with that person the whole world around you stops or (& i thought that this was something that only happened in the movies.) you look out into a crowd and only see that person. and the passion in the sex is enough to make you cry.  .....    seems like....  the moment you admit it to yourself , (that you decided to face the world with this person).  Emotions kick in... and it 's not fun anymore this feeling becomes involuntary and then you began to loose control of these emotions. crying, jealously, pain , checking cell phones. and it turns you into a different person, someone you don't like. is it OK to say that love has a way of producing venom & it could be considered the poison that we all avoid ?  Could it be answers to questions like why women lie ? or Why men cheat ?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"white woman have the whole world now they want our men" !

In response to the common complaint that "white women have the whole world, now they want our men" this next post comes in a question .

Could it be that due to the fact that most, i won't even say most, I'll just say more white women come from two - parent homes. were as more black women come from homes of absent fathers, thus creating a vicious cycle of seeking the wrong kind of attention, and not knowing how a man should be treating you. the perfect recipe for low- self esteem and  low self confidence.

Could it be that white women who have lived in the same house as their fathers and know how to be treated have a higher confidence level & come in to these relationships with  "our men " with less baggage ? i know in some areas this doesn't even matter but in areas (like mine ) where interracial relationships are the norm, and the black women are angry i personally don't care i date white and black men. i encourage you women white & black to chime in on this. why are we so bothered by a white woman with a black man?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

stoppin the use of the word "ghetto"

  ISSUE: Stereotypes  and  Racial Discrimination i had a grievance with a local judge in my area, which is known for being one of the most discriminatory regions in this area. there is  absolutely No African- American representation on ANY level of the judicial system in my area except for one cop and i shutter to think of what a day on the job is like for him. So my problem with the judge has grown into a bigger issue . i wrote a letter to my local state rep. needless to say he never got it . but words like psychological terrorism and extreme  hostile grand standing were used in this letter. this judge violated my human right not to be mind screwed cause he threaten jail & children and youth. slapping himself in the face and yelling. then i posed the question How far is the presiding official allowed to go. i had a witness who can speak on my behavior after that. i ALMOST RAN A RED LIGHT!! .

this letter went up the flag pole i was upset because first off the judge assumed that i a  was part of the Philadelphia influx.  a large part of the population in my area are RECOVERING Philadelphia natives .  he immediately assumed that i was on welfare , that i didn't know my rights as a registered voting taxpaying american citizen. little did he know I KNEW HOW TO SEND A BCC (blind carbon copy email!)

     Join me in the fight to stop the use of the term GHETTO cause what does it refer to ? The young lady  with the oversized earrings ? or the single mother of 3 and just as many fathers? or maybe the  loud woman in the grocery store .  in all cases the term is used negatively . and the thing that kills me is that we have EMBRACED IT !.......

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    • Cindy Smith-Mc Mullen
      I agree with this alot of black women have embraced it .I watch some movies with the black women that are sluts ,angry or they on welfare (not knocking welfare if you need )but thats how we are labeled even in Hollywood ,,because there ar...e woman that act in this manner,, The only thing we can do is change ourselves and prove to them that we are worth more ,,,But I also laugh at how so many white women are getting the butt injection ,the big lips and the stuff they put in there skin to make them darker that is naturally in our skin ,,,Sometimes I wonder are they laughing at ?us or they want to be like us? hmmmm, ,,,Hope I didn't get off the subject but thats how I feelSee More
      Thursday at 3:51pm ·
    • Andrea Page then you look at movies like precious. which tells the story of a lot of woman's lives. the bitter truth of that movies forces us to analyze the stereotype are we indeed angry black women? are we doing it to ourselves by verbally abusing our children encouraging them to work the system turning our heads to the sexual abuse.that movie exposed us to Caucasian Americans .